Awesome Attractions to Admire and Fantastic Sights to Attend
Granada is a famous tourist destination and there is a reason for that. The territorial singularity of the place helped the local community to highlight some imposing attractions, which are a combination of nature and human development, while the rich history of the area also emerges through the historical constructions of the city.

The most significant and popular attraction of Granada is the Alhambra, an emblematic monument that was used as a palace city from the Nasrid dynasty. It is about an old palace with buildings, gardens, orchards and walls around it, which constituted a small town on the top of the hill. The unique construction and the history that follows it made the Alhambra one of the most visited landmarks in Spain. Furthermore, on the hill can also be admired the Generalife. Generalife is a garden area attached to the Alhambra and was used by the local kings and noblemen as a place of peace and inspiration, since it is full of trees, flowerbeds, fountains, colonnades and pavilions around its famous long pool. However, Arabs are not the only who left magnificent constructions behind them, since the Hospital Real is a very historical palace with lovely gardens and elaborate statues, built by the Catholic Kings in 1504. It was used as a hospital and as a bedlam and is followed by many local legends and myths. It is now the seat of the University of Granada, while also holds cultural events. Mostly, the city is full of monuments that were built by Arabs for several uses, such as the Puerta de Elvira (the principal gate of Granada) and the Corral del Carbon (old market and inn). Most of the landmarks above are listed in UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Granada is definitely a city with unique culture and tradition that can enslave every kind of visitor. The history is opened like a book in front of your eyes, waiting for you to read it!