The City with the Unparalleled Beauty Welcomes You
What if someone tells you about a place in Spain that combines history and leisure? Surely, Spain is full of such places, but if one should be classified as a perfect example, the city of Granada would be the choice. Granada is located at the southern Spain, at the foot of Sierra Nevada Mountains, in Andalusia. The landscape of the area is an attraction itself, but the city has more to show.

The most impressive sight of the province is the mountainous scenery that can take your breath away. A day tour on the mountains of Sierra Nevada is, definitely, a must-do thing in Granada. Experienced guides will help you acquaint with the highlands, admiring the rich flora and fauna of the place, in an adventurous and memorable way. Several tourist offices provide such excursions, which can make you justify your selection. There are, of course, options for less venturesome travelers. A city tour on a bike or a segway could be really an interesting way to see city’s attractions. Moreover, Granada has the pride to provide multiple activities to its visitors, such as hot air balloon flying, Paragliding, rafting, horse riding, cliff climbing, etc. There is also a live escape game, which is called Escapepark, attracting many people who want to solve puzzles and riddles. In order to learn more about Granada’s religious history and be architectural impressed, a visit to the Cathedral of Granada or to the Royal Chapel, would help you collect information and admiration. It is about two very important buildings of the Andalusian heritage and significant pieces of the local theological spirit. The religious feeling of the city is obvious wherever you decide to go, while monasteries are likewise open to the public, ready to contribute to that direction, such as the Granada Charterhouse.

After your first stroll in the atmospheric city of Granada and its paved streets, you will undoubtedly catch yourself seeking for more. Andalusia has a unique charisma to capture visitors’ senses!